Seminars: Best Practices in Giving

Sanford Institute of Philanthropy seminars consist of training programs that focus on professional selling, relationship development, the ethics and legalities of fundraising, effective communication, and cause sales. A combination of theory and practical application, these full-day seminars provide fundraising professionals a proven framework and skill set for increasing their ability to attract donations and develop their nonprofit leadership skills.

Seminar Schedule:
Date Topics Instructor Location
5/10/17 Social Styles Sanford Education Center
5/18/17 Social Styles Orange County
5/24/17 Social Styles Eileen Sigler San Diego
5/25/17 Social Styles Ontario
6/6/17 Perfecting the Pitch Orange County
6/8/17 Fundraising Academy Staff Sanford Education Center
6/21/17 Making a Compelling Presentation Online
6/27/17 Approaching the Donor Maurice Wilson Sanford Education Center
7/11/17 Workshop   Orange County
7/13/17 Open   Inland Empire
7/19/17 Embracing Objections   Online
7/25/17 Objections Hope Carlson Sanford Education Center
7/26/17 Roundtable Staff San Diego
8/16/17 Supercharge Your Board   Online
8/24/17 Roundtable FB Online
9/12/17 Basics of Fundraising   Sanford Education Center
9/13/17 Basics of Fundraising   Sanford Education Center
9/14/17 Basics of Fundraising   Sanford Education Center
9/20/17 Cause Selling Cycle   Online
10/12/17 Roundtable FB Online
10/18/17 Facebook for Nonprofits   Online
10/26/17 Facebook Live for NP   Sanford Education Center
11/2/17 Cause Selling   Sanford Education Center
11/3/17 Cause Selling   Sanford Education Center
11/15/17 Features & Benefits Online
12/6/17 Stewardships   Online
4/11/17 Data Analytics Katie Farrell Orange County
4/11/17 Data Analytics Katie Farrell Orange County
4/5/17 Social Styles for Military Nonprofit Janis Whitaker (VetCTAP) San Diego
3/21/17 Supercharge your Board Todd Schultz Online
3/16/17 Social Styles Frank Nainoa & Leslie Freeman Orange County
3/8/17 Women in Leadership National Diversity Council San Diego
3/2/17 Building a Development Program Hope Carlson San Diego
2/22/17 Features and Benefits Eileen Sigler San Diego
2/7/17 Cause Selling Frank Nainoa Online
2/3/17 Intro to Fundraising Frank Nainoa/LTR Orange County
1/31/17 Major Gifts Krista Berry & Chris Redo San Diego
1/26/17 Affiliates SIP Staff Online
1/25/17 Cause Selling SIP Staff Orange County
1/24/17 Military Serving Nonprofit Panel of NPO's from Veteran/Mil San Diego
1/16/17 Basics of Fundraising Eileen Sigler & Camp to Belong San Diego
1/12/17 Working with Boards Todd Schultz San Diego
Topics are subject to change.
Individual seminars include:
  • Professional Selling
  • Relationship Selling
  • Ethics and Legalities of Fundraising
  • Effective Communication
  • Cause Sales Fundamentals and Development
  • Fundamentals of “The Art of Asking”

Designed for maximum flexibility, seminars can be customized for nonprofit organizations, allowing them to leverage specific skill-building techniques to improve fundraising results. Instructors include university instructors, subject matter experts, nonprofit leaders and guest speakers. All seminars incorporate coursework from the certificate and master's degree programs.

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