Sanford Inspire

Igniting a Movement for Inspired Teaching

Sanford Inspire is a movement dedicated to investigating, implementing, and sharing gained knowledge about what it means to be an inspired educator, build an inspired Pre-K-12 school, and inspire a connected community.

Sanford Inspire aims to
  • Inspire individuals to make an impact
  • Elevate the status of the teaching profession
  • Attract teachers who understand that each child deserves an excellent teacher
  • Provide the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed by highly effective classroom teachers
  • Provide targeted support and professional development with access to high-quality resources to increase teacher effectiveness
  • Inform the education community about innovative approaches to teacher recruitment and preparation
  • Share best practices and to expand the inspiration

Learn how Sanford Inspire is designed to prepare and retain teacher leaders. It enhances and aligns with contemporary education movements focused on improving student achievement and teacher accountability such as the Common Core initiative.

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