Sanford Harmony

Build classroom relationships, integrated with your lesson plans

Sanford Harmony is designed to make a difference in how Pre-K through 6th grade students think about and treat each other. By promoting positive relationships between students in Pre-K through 6th grade, this framework promotes respect and understanding of differences among all children. The ultimate goal is to improve student cooperation, empathy and mutual respect as well as foster greater inclusion and connectedness.

Sanford Harmony Overview
Fully Developed Pre-K through 6th Grade School-Based Framework
  • Storybooks and songs for Pre-K through 2nd Grade
  • "Meet Up" activities designed to promote whole-class communication and relationship-building
  • "Buddy Up" activities designed to foster peer-to-peer connection and collaboration
  • Unit plans and everyday practice guides for teachers
Ideally encompasses the entire school
  • Teacher and staff professional development
  • Classroom structures and activities
Focused training for immediate implementation
  • Minimal demands on teacher and classroom time
  • Easy to integrate in existing classroom activities

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Sanford Harmony provides teachers with a set of tools to foster and support social emotional connections among students and to develop positive peer relationships that will enable them to thrive in school.

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